About Hello Hinterland

Our latest book is an illustrated poetry book called Hello Hinterland. Written by Martin Holohan & Illustrated by Clare Lynch, Hello Hinterland is a collection of illustrated Stories and Poetry, Rhymes, Observations and Folk Tales celebrating the connections between culture and heritage in the wide and embracing landscape of Fingal County on the East Coast of Ireland. Published by Choice Publishing.

Where to Purchase

Alan Hanna's Book Shop, Rathmines Road, Dublin 6. Tales for Tadpoles, 3 Albert Walk, Bray, Co. Wicklow, A98 TC03. Antonia's Bookstore, The Gate House, Navan Gate, Trim, Co. Meath. Hodges Figgis, Dawson Street, Dublin 2. Or order online: www.ChoicePublishing.ie

About the Author

Martin Holohan is a storyteller living in Lusk, County Dublin. Martin loves to spend his time writing, cycling, singing, and not least travelling, especially by train across Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Hello Hinterland is his Debut Collection of illustrated stories. In this collection, the author has adopted the old role of Seanchai, the Bard, and the Poet of Irish Tales… and in that regard is of sorts a ‘Lore Keeper’ Lore Keepers are embedded in Irish Folklore and are particularly attracted to the Land themselves, especially where they currently live. It is their defining attribute to seek out and explore the spots and places that still have a strong spirit of the Myths and Legends of old. The Lore Keeper aims to mix and match the past and present so as to bring New Tales and Observations from our beautiful island, Ėire.

About the Illustrator

Clare Lynch is a Dublin based illustrator and Graphic Designer. Clare loves creating and designing – from drawing and painting to computer–based projects in graphic design and illustration. In her spare time, she enjoys tennis, cycling, drama, travelling and reading.

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