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We were delighted that Hello Hinterland got mentioned in an article about upcoming Irish poets in the Dublin Inquirer recently…

Ahead of a Neighbourhood Poetry Day, a Push to Find the New Bards of Ballymun

A resident of Fingal and a local social worker, Holohan recently published his debut poetry collection, Hello Hinterland, which includes a piece called, “I Can and Will go out to Ballymun”.

Holohan reads the poem aloud, gesticulating with vigour, and speaking each verse with fervour.

“I can and will go out to Ballymun,

This is the future, the past is run,

No longer labelled with your wrongs, it done

Ballymun now belongs to everyone.”

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Holohan Books are an Irish book company who write and illustrate poetry books. Their recently launched book, 'Hello Hinterland', is a collection of illustrated stories & poetry, celebrating Irish culture and heritage. Published by Choice Publishing.

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